Antwerp - A Hidden Gem of Belgium

Last Updated On October 02, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Belgium, the captivating city of Antwerp beckons travelers with its rich history, cultural treasures, and vibrant atmosphere. From its renowned diamonds and historic architecture to its thriving arts scene and delectable cuisine, Antwerp offers an enchanting experience that is well worth the visit. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Antwerp that make it a must-visit destination.

What is Antwerp Famous For?

Antwerp's fame extends far and wide, and for good reason. As the world's diamond capital, the city has a glittering reputation for its diamond trade and craftsmanship. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the Diamond District, an area filled with numerous diamond shops and dealers. Guided tours are available, providing insight into the history of the diamond trade and the process of cutting and polishing these precious gems. For those looking to purchase a diamond, Antwerp offers a wide selection, making it an ideal place for jewelry enthusiasts.

Beyond diamonds, Antwerp boasts an awe-inspiring architectural heritage. The Cathedral of Our Lady stands tall as one of the city's most iconic landmarks, flaunting impressive Gothic architecture and housing a collection of valuable artworks, including paintings by renowned artist Peter Paul Rubens. The Grote Markt, the city's main square, is another architectural gem, surrounded by stunning guildhalls and the Brabo Fountain, a symbol of Antwerp's folklore.

What is Antwerp Famous For?

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Is Antwerp Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Antwerp is a treasure trove of cultural delights that cater to a diverse range of interests. Art aficionados will relish in the masterpieces housed at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, which features works by Flemish and Belgian artists, including Rubens and Van Dyck. Modern art enthusiasts can explore the Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA), highlighting a diverse collection of contemporary pieces.

Fashion enthusiasts can indulge in Antwerp's reputation as a fashion-forward city. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts has produced several internationally acclaimed designers, including the famous Antwerp Six. Visitors can explore trendy boutiques and concept stores in the Fashion District, known for its innovative designs.

Foodies will be delighted by the abundance of culinary delights in Antwerp. The city boasts numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, offering gastronomic experiences that blend traditional Belgian flavors with modern twists. Don't miss the chance to try Belgian specialties like mussels, frites (fries), and the delectable waffles.

Is Antwerp Expensive to Visit?

As with any popular tourist destination, the cost of visiting Antwerp can vary depending on your preferences and budget. While the city offers luxury experiences, there are plenty of affordable options available. Travelers on a budget can find reasonably priced accommodations in guesthouses and budget hotels. Additionally, street food and local eateries offer tasty meals at more affordable prices.

To save on sightseeing, consider purchasing the Antwerp City Card, which provides free access to many museums and attractions, as well as unlimited use of public transportation. This card is available for 24, 48, or 72 hours and can be a cost-effective way to explore the city.

How Many Days to Visit Antwerp?

To fully immerse yourself in Antwerp's charm, it's recommended to spend at least two to three days exploring the city. This will give you enough time to visit the major landmarks, savor the local cuisine, and experience some of the cultural highlights without feeling rushed. However, if you have more time, you'll have the opportunity to discover hidden gems and immerse yourself further in the city's vibrant atmosphere.

How Many Days to Visit Antwerp?

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How Can You Reach Antwerp?

Antwerp is easily accessible from various parts of Belgium and neighboring countries. If you're coming from Brussels, you can reach Antwerp by train in approximately 30 minutes. The Antwerpen-Central railway station, known for its stunning architecture, serves as a major transportation hub, offering direct connections to cities like Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges.

Travelers coming from farther away can fly into Brussels Airport, and from there, take a train or hire a car to reach Antwerp. If you prefer a scenic journey, consider taking a river cruise along the Scheldt River to arrive in the city.

Is Antwerp Safe to Visit?

Antwerp is generally considered safe for travelers. Like any city, it's essential to exercise caution and be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded tourist areas. The local authorities have taken measures to ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike. It is always advisable to stay informed about any local safety guidelines or updates from official sources during your visit.

Is Antwerp Safe to Visit?

Where can you stay in Antwerp?

Antwerp offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every budget and preference. From luxurious hotels boasting breathtaking views of the city skyline to cozy bed and breakfasts tucked away in charming neighborhoods, there is something for everyone. For a more authentic experience, consider staying in boutique hotels or guesthouses that exude local charm and hospitality. The city center is a popular area to stay, as it provides easy access to major attractions and dining options.

Where can you stay in Antwerp?

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Antwerp is a city that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern delights. Whether you are a history buff, a fashion enthusiast, or a food lover, this Belgian gem has something to offer everyone. From the glimmering diamonds to the awe-inspiring architecture, from the delectable cuisine to the vibrant cultural scene, Antwerp promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Belgium. So, pack your bags and embark on an adventure to this enchanting city that awaits your discovery. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a more extended stay, Antwerp will leave you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.