Are there Monkeys in Hawaii?

Last Updated On November 04, 2022

Hawaii is well-known for its many adventurous activities, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and sailing. However, if you want to spend your vacation simply sitting and relaxing on the beach, Hawaii is one of the best options because it hosts a significant event for its beaches.

Talking about beaches and other beautiful things in Hawaii, one of the problems that arise a lot is whether there are any Monkeys in Hawaii. Simply answering this question, no, there are not any wild monkeys in Hawaii.

Are there monkeys in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, there are not any wild monkeys. The Hawaiian Islands are not home to any monkeys. Hawaii is home to only two mammals: the hoary bat and the monk seal.

Few land animals are native to Hawaii islands because the island chain is separated from the nearest land by 2,500 miles of ocean. Humans introduced most of the land animals that now live on the islands in the 1800s and early 1900s. Early explorers and settlers brought animals like pigs, goats, sheep, and horses to the island. Furthermore, there are only five species of reptiles and amphibians that are indigenous to Hawaii.

monkeys in hawaii

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Where can you see Monkeys in Hawaii?

If you have a crazy urge to see some live monkey action, you can always make a visit to the Honolulu Zoo in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is on Oahu Island and provides opportunities to enjoy and learn about tropical fauna and flora for residents and visitors to the islands.

Are there chimpanzees or orangutans in Hawaii?

As well as the monkeys, there are not any wild chimpanzees or orangutans in Hawaii. But if you are excited, you can also watch their crazy activities at Honolulu Zoo.

Chimps arrived at the Honolulu Zoo in January of 1994 from the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri, where they were housed in an indoor exhibit with an artificial environment. The exhibit at the Honolulu Zoo gives our chimps their first genuine experience in a natural setting.

Chimpanzees and orangutans in Hawaii

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What exotic animals live in Hawaii?

Maybe you are wondering about aren’t there any exotic animals in here. But the fact is more than 21,000 species live in Hawaii, and more than 8,700 of them are endemic to the islands, meaning they cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Also, there are beautiful native flowers and plants and native Hawaiian birds with beautiful feathers you would like to see. These are some of the exotic animals in the Hawaiian animal kingdom, but there are many more to see when you are traveling.

  • Nene goose – The official state bird of Hawaii
  • Oahu Tree snails – A colorful snail with as few as 100 known subspecies in existence. Frequently threatened by chameleons as predators.
  • Hawaiian Monk Seals – The only native seal to Hawaii
  • Hawaiian Hoary Bat – One of only two native mammals in Hawaii
  • Sea Turtle – Highly sensitive to pollution and habitat destruction. Getting close can result in major fines.
  • Crested Honeycreeper – Large birds found in Maui. It is estimated that only 3,800 remain today.
  • Hawaiian Moorhen – A dark charcoal-colored bird with a distinctive bright red beak
  • Hawaiian Hawk – A solitary raptor currently believed to only breed on the big island

Nene goose – The official state bird of Hawaii

Photo by Lyle Wilkinson on Unsplash