Are There Snakes In Alaska?

Last Updated On August 24, 2022

People often imagine Alaska as a cold, remote place, but the truth is that it is alive and bustling with activity. Alaska is well-known among travelers for its spectacular scenery, exceptional hot springs, and extreme weather. There are dozens of attractive beaches, fjords, glaciers, geysers, and caves. If you are not a mature lover, it doesn't matter because there are plenty of bars, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, and movie theaters.

Are There Snakes In Alaska?

Are there snakes in Alaska?

When you travel to Alaska with your kids, you may have questions about snakes in Alaska. Especially, are there snakes in Alaska? Unfortunately, avoiding snakes in most parts of the world is challenging. This is especially disturbing for those who suffer from Ophidiophobia or snake fear.
But considering Alaska, the official answer to the above question was unequivocal no for many years. Alaska has also become somewhat famous in recent years for claims that the state has no snakes.

However, new sightings and information are indicating that Alaska has snakes, but it is still the only state in the United States without any poisonous snakes. Besides snakes spotted in Alaska, no snake species has been officially documented as making a permanent home in the state. As a result, if you're looking for a place to travel safely without fear of snakes, Alaska is undoubtedly the best destination since it has no native snake species.

Are there snakes in Alaska?

What Kinds of Snakes Have you Seen in Alaska?

Garter snakes have been spotted on the Alaskan panhandle. Fortunately, garter snakes are not dangerous, and there are no confirmed reports of these snakes living in Alaska. There are many occasions where people have reported seeing garter snakes in Alaska, the species does not have a large population, and it is unknown how frequently people see these snakes.
Although snakes are not commonly found in the wild in Alaska, some people keep them as pets.

Why does Alaska have no snakes?

Reptiles cannot survive in Alaska for a variety of reasons. First, it's too cold, and second, there's no daylight for much of the year. Snakes need the sun's heat to keep warm. So, they cannot survive without sunlight or warm weather.

Are there any other reptiles in Alaska?

Alaska is famous for having no reptiles at all. Even lizards can't survive in here. A sea turtle is the closest thing to a native snake that any Alaskan might see. However, several amphibians, including the wood frog, live in Alaska and can adapt well to the cold Alaskan climate.

Can you buy a snake pet from Alaska?

Since snakes do not exist in the wild in Alaska, you can purchase a snake pet here. However, these stores that sell snakes must import them from elsewhere. But when you buy a snake pet, ensure you don't let it out.

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