Baker's Falls

Last Updated On January 26, 2022

Baker's falls is located in the Nuwara Eliya district, three kilometers from the main entrance to Horton Plains National Park. The hike to the falls is named after the late Sir Samuel Baker, a well-known British explorer, and game hunter during the British colonial period, and provides breathtaking views of Horton Plains.

The hiking trail where the falls can be seen is known as 'Baker's Loop,' and it is part of a circular trail that runs through Horton Plains from its entrance to World's End. It is also accessible from Pattipola and the town of Ohiya. A marked footpath leads from Pattipola to World's End and then loops back to Baker's Falls.

There are plenty of local guides available to assist you and provide you with all the information you may require. A dense forest, tree ferns, and montane shrub surround the waterfall. The falls have a magnetic force that draws every visitor in to be awestruck by their magnificence and charm.

Baker's Falls in Hortain Plains

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Baker's fall is a well-known waterfall in Sri Lanka. Baker’s fall is one of the most part eye-catching places for visitors to Horton plains. It is located three kilometers away from the far inn information center which is at the entry to the national park. The footpath to the baker’s fall lies during the cloudy, cold, and grassy plains across thin brooks. The barefoot walk gives actual happiness while the feet touch the freezing grass and water. Baker’s waterfalls at between Entrance and Worlds finish gap of Horton plains. Horton plains are the top plain and widest grasslands of Sri Lanka. The bathing of Bakers waterfall is very risky because there are some caves within the water. However, Baker is also recognized with the short-sighted achievement of having shot 50 elephants, five deer, and two buffalos nearby.

The 20-meter broad waterfall plunges over a wide rock into a gorge of gorgeous wildflowers. It’s so spectacular that you don’t think like leaving it. Sitting on a rock with your feet in the icy chilly water you can wash away your weariness. The splendid view combined with the sound of the waterfall refreshes you and will stay in your memory everlastingly. It was Sir Samuel Baker who found this waterfall. He was a keen hunter and an adventurous cultivator who resided on the island from 1847 to 1855. At the same time as exploring the hunting grounds, he found the waterfall and had stopped often there ever after. It has been named baker’s falls after him.

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How To Get to Baker's Falls

One can visit Baker's falls by taking a right from the starting point or the starting stone of Horton's plane trail. On the 8.7 kilometers hike of Horton's planes, the Fall is reached after the 'Mini world's end' and 'World's End from the right. Otherwise, it is the other way round from left, i.e. Baker's falls come first, but one has to climb upwards to reach the falls, and it is a more difficult and exhausting journey.

How To Get to Baker's Falls

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Best Time To Visit Baker's Falls

The best time to visit Baker's Falls is from March to May when the rainfall is moderate, and visitors can enjoy the sight of the misty falls. Although the view of the waterfall is more breathtaking during the monsoon, which is from October to February, it is generally not considered a safe season for a visit. The off-season at Baker's Falls is from June to September; at this time, the waterfall is merely a thin stream as the site is relatively drier in these months.

Best Time To Visit Baker's Falls


  • To get to the falls, one must climb through the forests, holding trees and supporting their feet on roots, therefore bring adequate gear, including comfortable and hiker-friendly clothing and appropriate sports shoes.
  • Begin early in the morning, between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m.
  • Bring a raincoat, snacks, and water.
  • Plastic is not permitted inside the parks, although water bottles may be brought in after the label and cap ring have been removed.
  • The location near the falls is rather cold, so bring a light sweater or warmer.

Baker's Falls

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