Beddagana Wetland Park

Last Updated On June 15, 2022

Beddagana Wetland Park, a paradise for wildlife and nature lovers, is located amidst the heart of the Administrative capital Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte and minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is ideal for soaking yourself in Mother Nature with its lush greenery landscape. The wetlands park offers thousands of things to do for the visitors, such as bird watching and taking a stroll, sinking in the beauty surrounding it, and boat rides. You will also get a chance to see different species of butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, and mammals, some of which are endemic to Sri Lanka. This wetland is home to 50 other bird species, 20 different fish species, and 119 different butterfly species. Endangered mammals on the IUCN red list, such as the fishing cat, are among the resident mammals.

During the season, which goes from August until April, this park is famous for its variety of migratory birds. There is also a wide variety of plants and trees to be found in the Beddagana Wetland Park. Once, it was only a muddy swamp. But considering its rich biodiversity, the 18-hectare area was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary by the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife in 1985. Then it was redesigned as a wetland park under the Metro Colombo Urban Development Project (MCUDP) in 2013. This wetland park was open to the public in 2016. At the moment, the park has no shortage of nature lovers. The park included various zones with two main trails, which can be identified because of having name boards.

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Trail 1-Lakeside Trail

This trail runs through the greenery alongside the lake and ends at a floating deck. This desk offers a fantastic view of the lake. This trail passes through 2 key zones: the Butterfly Walk and the Duck Pond.

Butterfly Walk

This zone included plants that were more attracted to butterflies. So you will be able to see some rare species of butterflies in Sri Lanka. If you're a Butterfly enthusiast, this may be the best place. But you will need a sharp and patient eye to spot them in their glory.


You will come upon a large pond with many waterbirds through curtains of vines and mangrove tunnels on your walk. Because of its higher population of Ducks, this pond is named Duckpond. There are other species to be found here as well. Around the pond's edge, there is a wooden viewing platform. After climbing the stairwell, you may observe the birds in the pond and its environs without disturbing them.

Diyawanna Walk and Floating Deck

After departing the Duck Pond, the boardwalk of Trail- 1 will continue towards the lake. On the way, there is a little open hut with seating. If you're tired, this may be a great place to relax. Next, you will reach the boardwalk follows the bank. This section is known as Diyawanna Walk. You can enjoy the lake here. The Forest Trail, home to migratory and local bird species and animals such as the Fishing Cat and Water Monitor, will greet you. After taking in the magnificent surroundings along the way, you'll arrive at the trail's finish - the Floating Deck, from which you can get a great view of the lake. It is one of the best-photographing sites in the park.

Trail 2 – Migratory Birds Trail

In this trail, you will find the Park school first, where you can learn about the park's biodiversity, wetland management, conservation, etc. Then you will meet an open area with low scrubby trees, a natural water reservoir, and marshland. The site is home to many waders, water birds, and other bird species. Visitors cannot step off the trail as many birds nest on the ground. In addition, you will spot some artificial nests made with rocks, pebbles, and straw by the park management for the migratory birds. Remember to bring your binoculars and camera.

Beddagana Wetland Park Timing and Entry Fees

Beddagana Wetland Park opens daily from 6.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The Beddagana Wetland Park ticket price is 100 LKR for local adults and 50 LKR for local children.

Best Time to visit Beddagana Wetland Park

The best to visit the park is in the months from November to February.

How to get to Beddagana Wetland Park

From Colombo, travel along Cotta Road, passing Rajagiriya until Sri Jayawardenepura, Kotte, to reach the Beddagana Wetland Park situated on Rampart Road.