Top 7 Campsites In Iceland

Last Updated On October 23, 2021

Suppose you're dreaming of falling asleep amongst a range of beautiful mountains. In that case, while watching bright northern light dance overhead and waking up to the sunrise across a magnificent fjord, there are no better options for you than taking a camping holiday to Iceland. 

Camping is inexpensive and liberating, which is why it is so popular among both locals and visitors. There is an ancient misconception that you may camp anyplace in Iceland, which used to be true. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case. There are many official campsites available, where you may go if you want to camp in the wild lawfully in Iceland. However, camping is the best way to immerse yourself in the incredible nature of Iceland, where you can have a breathtaking view of a gleaming glacier or a massive waterfall as the first thing in the morning?. Here are the seven campsites at the top of the list that you must visit.

camping sites in iceland

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

1. Reydarfjodur Campsite 

Reydarfjodur is a beautiful campsite near the Andapollur pond, an attractive small pond at the left of the town entrance. Tourist information is accessible at the Icelandic Wartime Museum on Heiarvegur street during the summer season. The Wartime Museum will explain lots of things about the Second World War. This museum teaches a lot about the mood and events of the war and how they affected the Icelandic people. To gain a greater sense of the perspective during WWII, go during the last weekend of June and participate in Military Occupation Day, which is celebrated at the Icelandic Wartime Museum.

Facilities available at the campsite,

1. Showers

2. Washing machines

3. Electricity

Recreational possibilities nearby,

1. Restaurants (400m)

2.Coffeeshop & Bakery(1km)

3.liquor store(1km)

4. Mountain view

5. Walking trails

6. Sport fields

7. Golf course 

8. Fishing

Reydarfjodur Campsite Iceland, View from campsite

2. Egilsstadir Campsite 

Egilsstadir is a well-situated campsite in the middle of the small town Egilsstadir, Eastern Iceland. Egilsstadir is considered a great destination with the possibility of taking a day trip to many places in Eastern Iceland. This campsite is open all year with 24/7 services, and it is probably the happiest campsite in Iceland.

Facilities available at the campsite,

1. Electricity 

2. Toilets 

3. Showers

4. Washing machines 

5. Dryers

6. Wifi

Recreational possibilities nearby,

1. Children playground 

Egilsstadir Campsite iceland
Photo from Camp Egilsstaðir

3. Seydisfjordur Campsite 

Seydisfjordur is another beautiful campsite located close to the center of the town, Seydisfjordur. Trees surround the camping area, and it is divided into smaller parts. This campsite has an age limit of 18 years unless traveling with adults.

Facilities available at the campsite,

1. Tents

2. Mobile homes

3. Folding campers

4. Showers

5. Washing machines 

6. Dryers

7. Cooking facilities 

8. Grocery store

9. Craftsmen market 

10. Hot tubs

Recreational possibilities nearby,

1. Swimming pool

2. Restaurants 

3. Spots center

4. Technical Museum of East Iceland 

5.Skaftafell cultural center

View from Seydisfjordur Campsite

Photo from Our Story to Tell

4. Neskaupstadur Campsite 

Neskapstdur is a family-friendly campsite which offers a great view over the fjord next to Neskaupstadur. The Avalanche defense structure in Drangil is also situated near the camp. From the walking paths available there, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the village.

Facilities available at the campsite,

1. Electricity

2. Showers 

3. Toilets 

4. Hot/Coldwater

5. Benches and tables

Recreational possibilities nearby,

1. Gym(600m)

2. Liquor store(600m)

3. Horse rental(6km)

4. Golf course 

5. Swiming pools

View from Neskaupstadur Campsite

5.Faskrudsfjordur Campsite 

Faskrudsfjordur is a peaceful campsite surrounded by a beautiful small pond. Just a short walk away from the camp, and you can reach the pleasant Sumarlina cafe as well as the Anna Fraenka handcraft gallery.

Facilities available at the campsite,

1. Electricity 

2. Showers 

3. Toilets 

Recreational possibilities nearby,

1. Fishing 

2. Swiming pools

3. Restaurants 

4. Playground

5. Walking paths

Faskrudsfjordur Campsite view

Photo from

6. Djupivogur Campsite 

Djupivogur is a fine campsite located in the middle of the town Djupivogur. This campsite has a great view over the harbor. All the services are available in the city, within 500 meters from the camp.

Facilities available at the campsite,

1. Showers 

2. Electricity 

3. Washing machines 

4. Toilets 

5. Cooking facilities 

Recreational possibilities nearby,

1. Swiming pools

2. Golf Course 

3. Interesting museum 

4. Boat safari

View from campsite in Djupivogur

Photo from Bob Friesen Photography

7. Eskifjörður Campsite 

Eskifjörður is a pretty campsite located on the bank of the river Bleiksa river at the town entrance. There is a tourist information center located at the entrance of Eskifjörður swimming pool which is open all year round.

Facilities available at the campsite,

1. Electricity 

2. Shower

3. Hot/Coldwater

Recreational possibilities nearby,

1. Good playground for children 

2. Walking trails 

3. Fishing 

4. Boat safari

5. Mountain view

Eskifjordur camsite view

Photo from Rikharður Gilbertsson

Best Time To Go Camping in Iceland

Iceland has about 170 registered campgrounds. Summer is the best time to go camping in Iceland. There is no need to reserve a campground spot because most are open from early June until late August or mid-September. During this time of year, when the weather is most pleasant, the sun shines all night, and the landscape is at its most magnificent. Therefore most campers pitch their tents during June, July, and August. 

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