Can you see Cuba from Key West

Last Updated On September 14, 2022

Key West is one of Florida's most well-known vacation destinations it is considered the southernmost point of Florida, with a chain of islands. Because it is the southernmost point in Florida, you may wonder if you can see Cuba from there.

Can you see Cuba from Key West?

Unfortunately, No. This is because Cuba is 94 miles from Key West and the human eye is incapable of seeing that far. However, instead of being on the ground level, if you climb high enough on the island, you might catch a glimpse of Havana's city lights. This is because, at a high enough altitude, you can see shapes for hundreds of miles.

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Why can't you see Cuba from Key West?

Maybe you have a question about why I can’t see Cuba from Key West. The main reason for that is the 94 miles distance from Cuba to Key West. In addition to that, there are a few other factors that make it impossible to see Cuba from Key West difficult.

1. Weather

The weather cannot be cloudy and drizzly, or dark and generally hazy. If you visit Key West during the rainy season, you can’t even see the view of the horizon. It is critical to ensure that the weather is clear and stark.

2. Visiting Time

Choosing the right time of day is also important in capturing that Cuban perspective. It is best to arrive just before sunset for the best view.

3. The Earth's Curvature

Since Cuba is about 90 miles away from Key West, the horizon is no longer visible from ground level at this distance. So, the curvature of the Earth will be a problem if you try to look at Cuba from the Key West.

4. Not Enough Mountains

Solares Hill is Key West's highest point, but it stands only 18 feet tall, or 5.5 meters above sea level. That won't be tall enough to see Cuba. Even worse, the hill is surrounded by buildings and trees, obstructing your view of the ocean. So, here, if you want, you can't go to a high altitude with a sweeping view of the ocean.

Since there are no mountains, the only way to overcome the curvature of the Earth is with a man-made tower, but unfortunately, it does not exist now.

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How can you see Cuba from Key West?

If you want to see Cuba from Key West, a telescope or binoculars will be required. Since Cuba is only about 90 miles away from Key West, viewing the streets and lights of Havana with a high-powered telescope may not be impossible.

Can you swim to Cuba from Key West?

While you can't see Cuba from Key West, you might wonder if you can swim there. It is technically possible, but it is not recommended. In 2013 Diana Nyad swam from Key West to Cuba at the age of 64 with 53 hours of swimming.

While she demonstrated that swimming from Key West to Cuba is possible, it does not imply that you can. By the common knowledge, the ocean stretching from the Florida straits to Cuban waters is home to a variety of deadly sharks. Florida is also known as the "world's shark attack capital". So, swimming from Key West to Cuba is one of the deadliest things that can do.

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How can you reach Cuba from Key West?

There are various ways to reach Cuba from Key West. According to your preference, you can choose either air or sea.

By Sea

This is unquestionably the most straightforward method. Ferry companies from Key West and Cuba are ready to go across the destinations. Direct services from Key West to Cuba are available, with a journey time of fewer than 4 hours.

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By Air

There are no direct flights from Key West to Cuba at the time of writing, and the only commercial flights available would take you to a distant airport like Miami. So, you must take another flight to Havana.

But you can always hire a private flight directly from Key West to Cuba and be done in less than an hour. But this method can be costly for you.

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