Coconut Tree Hill

Last Updated On November 07, 2021

Coconut Tree Hill is presumably the most famous place in Mirissa. You can reach here through Bandaramulla temple, and also you can access this place via the Mirissa beach, just a 10-15minutes walk. Beach access may be dangerous if the sea is rough. It's a small island with coconut palm trees that offers you a great viewpoint of the infinite ocean and Mirissa bay. This place is terrific during the sunset and sunrise, so the ideal times for visiting are in the evening or the morning. After enjoying the magical view, You can take a perfect shot of yourself in a coconut grove with a tranquil blue ocean behind you. This place is also free to enter.

Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa

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How to get to Coconut Tree Hill

Colombo to Coconut Tree Spot -(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 152km (About 2hr 30min)

Ella to Coconut Tree Spot – (via Wellawaya-Hambantota-Matara / Hwy/A2 – About 184km (About 4hr 05min)

how to get to coconut tree hill

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