Does It Snow In Oklahoma?

Last Updated On July 23, 2022

Oklahoma state is located in the south-central region of the United States. Oklahoma is another name for the country that means "Land of the Red Man" in Choctaw. Oklahoma is considered the 28th most populated state in the United States, with a population of approximately four million people. The state covers an area of 177,660 square kilometers. Does it, however, snow in Oklahoma?

Downtown, Oklahoma City, United States, Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma has a humid subtropical climate. Oklahoma is regularly hit by tornadoes and has the highest amount of thunderstorms due to its location in an area where warm and cold air meet. Temperatures in the state's panhandle and west fall below freezing for about 130 days per year, resulting in snowfall.

Weather in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City gets 36 inches of rain each year on average. In the United States, the average annual rainfall is 38 inches. Oklahoma City gets an average of 6 inches of snow each year. The average yearly snowfall in the United States is 28 inches.

Oklahoma City gets precipitation 79 days per year on average. Precipitation is defined as rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the earth. To measure precipitation, at least.01 inches of precipitation must fall on the ground.

Oklahoma City's weather is hot and humid in the summer and comfortable in the winter. Add in some beautiful autumns and mild springs, and you've got four seasons to enjoy.

What is the weather like in Oklahoma during the winter?

Northern Oklahoma experiences cold winters, but southern Oklahoma experiences mild winters, and temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees Fahrenheit and rarely stay that cold for an extended period. The rainiest season, spring, is noted for its strong thunderstorms, which produce the most tornadoes of any area on the planet.

What is the coldest month in Oklahoma?

January is the coldest month in Oklahoma City, with an average nightly temperature of 26.2°F. In July, the hottest month, the average daytime temperature is 93.1°F.

When does it typically snow in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma receives 1.7 snowfall days throughout the month, with snow accumulations of 2.2 inches.

The first snowflakes typically fall in northwest Oklahoma during the first two weeks of December. Snowflakes do not occur in central Oklahoma until the last two weeks.

Remember that these are specific dates, which may occur before or after those dates in some years.

The earliest snowfall in Oklahoma City came on Oct. 26. Still, we usually don't receive our first flakes until mid-December, and the first one-inch snowstorm doesn't usually arrive until the end of December.

When It Snows in December, What Does It Mean?
December is the first month in Oklahoma, with considerable snowfall. The weather is warm, with highs of 51 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 31 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How much snow is expected in January?

January is the coldest month in Oklahoma. Temperatures typically range from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 29 degrees Fahrenheit. 1.7 days of snowfall, the same as in January, but 2.88 inches of snowfall.