Ella Rock Hike - Complete Visitor Guide 2022

Last Updated On January 26, 2022

The breathtaking views from Ella Rock's summit are worth every step of the enticing but challenging route. Ella Rock should be on your itinerary if you visit the Ella area because it has some of the best, most amazing, and most refreshing sceneries in Sri Lanka. This mountain is visible from any place in Ella. Starting at the Ella Railway Station, the trek begins by following the train tracks in the direction of Kandy. You'll see tea farms, waterfalls, and various vistas along the road.

Ella Rock in Ella

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The trek to Ella Rock's peak takes about 2.5 hours and can be deceiving. Use the app maps to get a more exact picture of the directions. Don't forget to hydrate yourself with snacks and drinks.

How to get to Ella Rock

From Ella station:

  • Turn left.
  • Walk to the end of the platform.
  • Follow the tracks.
  • Walk for about 45 minutes.

You can save approximately 45 minutes by taking a train or tuk-tuk from Ella to the Kital Ella Railway Station. Taking a tuk-tuk is a decent option if you're short on time or don't feel like tackling the entire hike.

From Kithaella station: 

  • Keep walking down the tracks passing the station until You find a black footbridge.
  • Following that, you will find two paths, one of which will lead you to the top. Take the left path.
  • As you continue along this road, you will come across a tea plantation and then a field of long grass that you must cross. 
  • Turn right after passing through the extensive grass and continue walking until you reach an interim observation point.
  • From here, walk straight to the top of the Ella rock. 

From the summit of Ella Rocks, take in the green, striking, and panoramic scenery.

How to visit Ella Rock

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Hiking Ella Rock 

Two popular hikes in the region are Little Adam's Peak and Ella Rock. So, what is the most lovely? While the view from Ella Rock and Little Adam's Peak is equally appealing, Little Adam's Peak wins since there are considerably more perspectives. The Ella Rock trek is more difficult yet calm, whereas Little Adam's Peak is straightforward with steps up to the summit. As a result, Ella is popular among both day hikers and more experienced hikers. The top of Ella Rock is about a ten-kilometer trek away. The hike will take 3 to 5 hours, depending on your physical level.

Things to do in Ella Rock

There are two camping spots, one of which is elevated and offers breathtaking views. It's an excellent spot for observing the surroundings and photography. On your way back, you'll pass through a forest, which leads to the Farm-a cafe, where you may stop for some refreshing coffee and food.

Things to do in Ella Rock

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Best time to visit Ella Rock

December to March are ideal for hiking because they are the dry season. From April to June, the weather is suitable for hiking, with mild temperatures and little rain. You can hike Ella Rock early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It is sweltering in Sri Lanka during the day, and you don't want to be hiking in the sun. Begin your journey in the early morning so that you can come back down before dark.

Best time to visit Ella Rock