Kadiyanlena Falls, Nawalapitiya

Last Updated On March 09, 2023

One of the hidden natural wonders of Sri Lanka, Kadiyanlena falls, another beautiful waterfall which is in Nawalapitiya. It is located on the district boundary between Nuwara Eliya District and Kandy District.   

The legend of 'Broken Falls' gave rise to the moniker 'Kadiyanlena Ella' for this waterfall. Indeed, the moniker is appropriate for this waterfall since this is a three-step waterfall with a height of 25 meters.

The road crosses a three-arch bridge above the third section of the waterfall. As a result, only the top two sections of the waterfall can be seen from the road. However, about 100 meters before the bridge, there is a path that leads down to the tea plantations where you can attempt to get a better view of the waterfall at its full height.

Kadiyanlena Falls in Nawalapitiya

Best time to visit Kadiyanlena Falls

Since the mild climate with gentle sunshine and cool breeze, February to April is the best time to visit Kadiyanlena Falls. You can take a safe bath in this period since the perfect water level. From April to July, it is fine also, but since there is no rain, the water level may be reduced.

From October to January welcomes rains and an overall wet environment. Thus, the waterfall carries a higher amount of water than other days. Because of slippery rocks and the high-water level, this time period is not good for taking a bath, but you can see a beautiful three-step waterfall.

Best time to visit Kadiyanlena Falls

How to get to Kadiyanlena Falls

From Kandy – travel along the Kandy Road, passing Peradeniya until you reach Nawalapitiya. Then turn to the Nawalapitiya – Thalawakele Road until you reach Kadiyanlena village. There is about 13 km from Nawalapitiya to the waterfall and if you use public transport, it is about 1 hours of journey. You can use buses which travel along the Thalawakele road, Nawalapitiya-Thalawakele, Nawalapitiya-Thispane, Nawalapitiya-Mawela etc.

Things to do in Kadiyanlena Falls

  • Kadiyanlena falls is considered a safe place to take a relaxed bath. The water is very clear, cool and fresh. There are several natural pools, and you can take a relaxed and enjoyable bath with your family members. But before taking a bath, get a rough idea about the depth of the pool because there may be over 50 feet deep small pools.
  • Unlike most famous waterfalls, it is not crowded. Thus, you can freely enjoy in here. Also, Kadiyanlena is the best place for photography. If you try hard, you will be able to get beautiful photographs for your social meadias.

There are a smaller number of good hotels and guest houses in Nawalapitiya. Keep this in mind if you visit here.

Things to do in Kadiyanlena Falls