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The Loolkandura estate, also known as the Loolcondera estate, is considered as Sri Lanka's first tested tea plantation following the failure of the coffee plantation. It lies in Rikillagaskada in the Central Province. There are so many hotspots available that you must see in Loolkandura estate, especially concerning the pioneer of Ceylon tea, James Taylor as James Taylor's Cottage, James Taylor's Well, in addition to them Kondagala and Field No 7. The First tea field is the other major attraction on this site. As you go, you will first meet James Taylor's statue. The road which you come to the statue is a bit rocky. Then you will reach the entrance of the Loolkadura gate, where there's a 5kms hike to the top.

loolkandura in rikillagaskada, sri lanka

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Best time to visit Loolkandura

The best time to visit Lool Kandura is in the morning, 7.00 – 8.00 a.m. Loolkandura has good weather and is usually around 20C–30C. It is great for your holiday. However, rain can be expected throughout the year as well as hazy surroundings. This site is popular for wedding photography. You also might be camping in the place. In the night period, the surrounding weather can be problematic. Therefore, you need to come prepared for chilly weather.

loolkandura in rikillagaskada

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How to get to Loolkandura

Loolkandura or Loolecondera is located 148-150 kilometers east of Colombo in Sri Lanka's Central Province. You can reach this historically significant and scenic estate via rail or road. Take the Galaha road for 32 kilometers from Kandy, passing through Hindagala, Mahakanda, Galaha, and Deltota until you reach the Loolkandura Estate entrance.

Loolkandura can be reached by bus or Tuk Tuk. If you take the bus, take it from Kandy to Hewaheta through Galaha, then get off at Lool Kandura estate. This trek usually takes approximately 2 hours from Kandy. Typically, you must first travel to Kandy before approaching Deltota.

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Loolkandura Estate Timings and Entry Fee

The Loolkandura estate is accessible all day, and the entry fee is Rs.250 for a car or van; a vehicle with adequate clearance is strongly advised. After a very steep 5Km climb by taxi and walking 750m, you can reach James Taylor's Cottage and ruins. The surrounding is just so gorgeous, and the view is breathtaking. After exploring them, another fantastic viewpoint and hiked trail, Kondagala, is just 30 minutes.

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Kondagala is a picturesque mountain, providing 360 degrees view of the amazing valleys in the surrounding area is located right behind James Taylor's cottage. You have to engage in a 300 meters small hike to reach the top of the mountain. While the journey, view of the surrounding areas, especially with mist-laden across the valleys, is lovely. The mist around the top may make it difficult to see the person next to you, making it possible to walk and tumble off the edge of the cliff, so keep this in mind when you're on top.

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Camping in Loolkandura

You can also camping at the site. The weather can be difficult to deal with at night. As a result, you should dress appropriately for the weather.

camping in loolkandura

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