Madulsima Mini worlds End

Last Updated On January 29, 2022

Madulsima is a picturesque village located in the Passara area of Badulla District in the Uva province of Sri Lanka. This lovely village is famous for hiking and camping due to the breathtaking views of the mountains. One such popular attraction is the Madulsima Mini World's End. It is a favorite hiking spot in the area. Madlsima Mountain has an elevation of 383 meters, and Roseberry Estate owns the highest point. This estate's end is the Madulsima Mini World's End, also known as the Pitamaruwa Mini World's End. 

madolsima mini worlds end

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The sudden plunge at the path's end is a nearly lethal slope with breathtaking scenery, is a welcoming site every traveler should visit. Madulsima, one of the country's four steep edges, contains various attractions in addition to the edge. The mist covers most of the area, giving the impression of being in the clouds. Kaluga, a renowned hiking destination, is situated near the northernmost tip of the Madulsima mountain range.

You will notice a range of mountains interspersed with little, dry trees when you arrive. The most notable aspect of Madulsima World's End is the visitor's ability to see a large plain stretching from the bottom of the mountain to the East coast. 

Madolsima Mini worlds End

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How to get to Madulsima

The main road to Madulsima begins in Passara. After that, take the Pitamaruwa road, and lastly, Madulsima road. The Madulsima world's end is near the Roseberry Estate tea plantation, surrounding a tea estate.

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The Viewpoint

The top of the mountain is a fantastic location where visitors may view a breathtaking view. The dotted woodland boundaries will also be visible till the Eastern coastal line. Even if your main goal is to take some great photos with your camera, Madulsima Mini World's End is a fantastic site to visit. The chilly state and the expanding mountain ranges are not the only available situation at this location; there are also various dry conditions. You can see waterfalls, grasslands, mountain peaks, and the rest of the World's End-like geographical variations from this beautiful location.

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Madulsima Camping

Many travelers enjoy camping above the clouds during their hikes at Madulsima. According to Meegahakiula Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Lalith Jayawardena, camping in the Madolsima Mini World's End region has been temporarily restricted for visitors.

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Tips before you go Camping in Madulsima

  • In case of severe rain, bring a rain cover for the tents and a raincoat. You do not need to carry any water because there is a water stream of edible water. 
  • Madulsima is the last town you'll come across on your adventure, so make sure you have everything you need from there because there are no stores until the 30th milepost.
  • If you're taking the bus, attempt to catch the first bus to Pitamaruwa, which departs from Badulla at 7 a.m. 
  • Use leech repellant because the road is moist and has a water stream current running through it.
  •  Be wary of the bees, which might take over the place at certain seasons of the year. 
  • Going out at night is not a good idea.
  • The magnificent blue hour view does not stay long, so get up early to take advantage of it.

madolsima mini worlds end

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