Nelligala International Buddhist Center

Last Updated On November 30, 2021

Nelligala is a temple and an International Buddhist Center situated in Muruthalawa village in the Kandy district. It is a modern temple, with construction beginning in 2015. The place offers a fantastic view of the surroundings, lying on top of a mountain. Some of the views from the top of the hill are the Hanathana Mountain Range, Alagalla Mountain, Batalegala. In a clear day, you will be lucky to see the Sripada mountain (Adam's peak) as well. When this fantastic view combined with its sheer beauty, Nelligala becomes a popular place among sightseeing visitors and travelers from all over the world. Although Nelligala is a Buddhist shrine, it is also open for visitors from every other religion. Without a doubt, Nelligala is a place that brings along peace and tranquility to its visitors. The gold-colored Buddha statues of the temple create an impressive sight to see in contrast with the blue sky above. In addition, a newly made statue of the God Saman who is sitting on the White Elephant, several stupas, and so many things to see in this fabulous place. Another specialty of Nelligala is, the temple includes sacred relics of Lord Buddha. If you visit there in time, you can join the Buddha Pooja(unique offering) with Sri Lankan traditional drummers and flutes melody.

nelligala international buddhist center in kandy, sri lanka

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Best time to visit 

This place gets crowded during Poyadays, Holidays and also on weekends. So you won't be able to relax and enjoy the view. Therefore it is best to visit except those days. The best time to visit is in the morning or evening after 5.00 pm, since you may witness the epic sceneries and avoid exposure to the midday sunlight.

nelligala international buddhist center in kandy, sri lanka

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How to get to Nelligala Temple

Nelligala temple location is just only12.3Km, from Kandy. The journey to Nelligala. will take 26 minutes approximately. There are two ways to arrive from Kandy. One from Pilimathalawa and another from Kiribathkumbura, if you are planning to visit, the best option may be Kiribathkumbura road, as it is in good condition and easy to find the way. You won't have to worry about finding a parking spot at Nelligala. There is a large Car park available for your vehicles. Facilities like Wheelchairs are also available for the extra comfort of the pilgrims.

nelligala international buddhist center in kandy

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