Peacock Hill, Pussellawa

Last Updated On October 27, 2021

Peacock Hills is a mountain with 1518m in height, located in Pussellawa town in the Kandy district. This mountain is called "Monaragala" by locals. Peacock Hill mountain got its name "Monaragala" because it is shaped like a peacock. When looking at the hill from a distance, it isn't easy to imagine such a shape. A section of rock outwards from the main ridge at the top of the mountain. That part brings to mind a peacock's head and neck at the top of a mountain. To get there, you must travel further along the rock and descend slightly. On the top of the hill, that is the most beautiful spot. However, there are slopes on all three sides from there. Because there isn't much room, it's best to be cautious. 

Peacock Hill, Pussellawa

History of Peacock Hill

Peacock Hill has a historical background as well. When it comes to Prince Gemunu's life story, this village is a turning point because he spent 12 years in a village called Kotagepitiya in Kotmale, which was at the foot of this mountain. Prince Gemunu (later King Dutugemunu) is one of the most well-known kings in Sri Lankan history. King Dutugemunu is still much loved by the country's population for uniting the country of olden times.) stayed in hiding after fleeing to Kothmale following his father's disagreement. Also, it is said that he lived in that village as a farmer and herder and that he used to take his poultry to Peacock Hill.

Monaragala, Peacock Hill Hike

How To Get To Peacock Hill

Peacock Hill is located on the side of the A5 road to Nuwara Eliya from Kandy near Pussellawa, approximately 40 kilometers from Kandy town. Peacock Mountain is easily accessible by crossing the Kotmale Dam in Ulapane and driving through the Doragala villages. The road from Mahaweli Seya to Kotmale is the most direct route. However, the road is in poor condition. You can, however, travel by car. It is only 200m-300m to the top of the hill after reaching the end of the road. 

Peacock hill camping, Peacock hills pussellawa

Peacock Hill Hike

It is a simple hike because you can get closer to the mountain's base. After parking your vehicle at the trailhead, there is a 30-minute climb through pine trees that ends at the peak of Peacock Hills. When you reach the top, you can experience a breathtaking view of surrounding mountains and cities. Communication towers have occupied the peak of this mountain, but the viewpoint provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area. It is not necessary to obtain permission to reach the top of the hill via the transmission towers. 

From the hilltop, you can enjoy the beauty of Gampola town, Pussellawa town, Ambuluwawa, the Dolosbage mountain range, Nawalapitiya town, and Nuwara-Eliya town, the Pidurutalagala range, Kotmale reservoir, and Bible rock. The view of Ramboda, Poona Oya, and Garage waterfalls flowing through the mountains is also breathtaking. Also on one side of the precipice is the Kotmale Reservoir. The Kotmala Oya valley also looks very beautiful. Also on the other side is the Nuwara Eliya Road, which stretches across the slopes. The view from the nearby Pussellawa town as well as the Gampola town in the distance is breathtaking. So It is worth hiking Peacock Hill.

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