Ravana Falls

Last Updated On November 24, 2021

Ravana fall, one of the most famous landmarks in Ella, is considered the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. This waterfall consists of 3 segments. When combined, it reaches a height of 30 meters. As the waterfall is located near the Wellawaya- Ella Road, it is observable from the road. You can observe it from the viewing gallery situated by the road, and if you want to get near, the right side path will lead you along both second and third tier-falls. It is highly recommended to bring a local guide as the way up is quite slippery and surprisingly challenging.

Ravana Falls in Ella, Sri Lanka

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Best time to visit Ravana Falls

The level of water in the waterfall gradually decreases in the dry season. If you visit the waterfall in the rainy season, you can have a breathtaking view with full water flow. Therefore the best time to visit these falls is during the rainy season or just after. The climate is pleasant from January - May. It is best to visit in the early morning or late afternoon.

Ravana Falls in Ella, Sri Lanka

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How to get to Ravana Fall

It is located, just 10 minutes drive away from Ella Town. There are two options for you as Tuk-Tuk and Bus.

1. Tuk-Tuk

Taking a tuk-tuk is your best option. Expect a price between 300 - 400 LKR ($1,5 - $2,-) one-way.

2. Bus

All bus journeys that leave Ella to go south will come along the Ravana Falls. The 10-minute bus ride will cost you only 50 LKR ($0,25).

Some people also choose to swim in there, though it is hazardous. There is a giant sign at the base of the falls informing you that more than 30 people have already died there. So please be kind enough to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall without getting into the water.

Ravana Falls in Ella, Sri Lanka

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