Sembuwatta Lake

Last Updated On October 25, 2021

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Sembuwatta Lake is an artificial lake created from natural spring water located in the Elkaduwa of Matale district. It is close to Campbell's Lane Forest Reserve in Matale, and adjacent to it is also a natural swimming pool. The misty and chilly atmosphere, surrounded by pine trees and tea-covered slopes, makes visitors feel relaxed and tranquil.

The misty and chilly atmosphere with pine trees and tea-covered slopes surrounding the lake make visitors feel relaxed and tranquil. Many adventure activities available in Sembuwatta, such as zip-lining, swan/motorboat riding, canoeing, and hiking, propels the lake to the top of the list as a leisure and family travel destination. It is not allowed to be bathing and swimming in the lake due to its depth (30 – 40 ft); however, there is a separate pool built for that purpose.

How to visit Sembuwatta Lake

From Kandy (30.6 km): Kandy -> Wattegama ->Elkaduwa -> Sembuwatta

From Matale (21.8 km): Matale -> Ukuwela -> Elkaduwa -> Sembuwatta

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 08:00 AM – 05: 00 PM

Ticket Price

  • Locals: 200 LKR ($1.00) per person
  • Foreigners: 1000 LKR ($5.00) per person

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