Amazing Things To Do In Canada

Last Updated On October 26, 2021

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is a vast and diverse geographical wonderland. Each province shares its unique personality consisting of vibrant and culturally rich cities and incredible natural wonders from coast to coast. So Canada has no shortage of mind-blowing landscapes and breathtaking sights for travelers to explore. Among the endless list of possibilities and places to visit, here are the top 10 things and places to visit in Canada.

1. Niagara Fall

Niagara fall is Canada's most famous natural attraction, and it is located just over an hour's drive from Toronto, along the American border. The Niagara is a single waterfall and a collection of three waterfalls that have formed side by side with each other. All together, they make an impressive sight that will remain definitely in your eternal memory. This massive waterfall rises up to 57 meters in height, and you can see the fall at an astoundingly close distance from several key points. From family fun to a romantic couple's getaway, Niagara fall entertains all ages. You can walk down Niagara's Clifton Hill leading to the gorge and the fall. Then you can enjoy the fantastic view of the fall on the journey behind the fall. Besides the Niagara fall, the Niagara region also offers many recreational possibilities, including live music and theaters, museum and cruises, shopping, golfing, and camping.

naigara fall in canda

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2. Banff National Park

Banff national park is located in the heart of the majestic rocky mountain in the province of Alberta. Banff is truly an outdoor enthusiast paradise, home to lush unspoiled landscapes, pristine lakes, unique thermal hot springs, snowcapped peaks, and hiking trails. It is Canada's first national park and the flagship of the national park system, already named as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The park's jewel in lake Louise offers magical sight by reflecting the surrounding mountain and glaciers from its crystal clear Bluewater. Another impressive Moraine lake is just a short distance from Louise lake. The Icefield Parkway, which runs from lake Louise to Jasper, is an unforgettable drive and another major attraction in Banff. The park offers variety of activities, including hiking, biking, skiing, and camping in some of the world's most breathtaking mountain scenery. There is a lovely little town located at the south end of the park, which provides all kinds of options for accommodation, shopping, dining, and nightlife.

banff national park, herbert lake and hike helen lake.

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3. Toronto Skyline with the CN Tower 

On the shores of Lake Ontario, you will find the iconic CN Tower, which rises up to an impressive 553 meters high and dominates Skyline. It is one of Canada's most famous landmarks that attracts more than two million international visitors annually. At the top, there is a 360° revolving fine-dining restaurant. Enjoying a meal while looking over the city and lake at once from such a height may be one of the best experiences that can gain in Canada. The lookout and the glass floor offer a beautiful view out over the entire area. For an extra thrilling experience, you can enjoy the CN Tower edge walk, 356 meters above the ground below.

view of cn tower canada

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4. Old Quebec 

Old Quebec is the most intact fortified town that lies on the bank of the St.Lawrence river, North Mexico. This city is considered as French North America and sometimes referred Latin quarter as well. Because of having a long history of over 400 years, Quebec is named a UNESCO world heritage site. Spread across Quebec's upper and lower towns, this area contains the city's most historic buildings. The old port of Quebec City, Quartier Petit Champlain, place royal, museum of civilization are the major attractions sites in the lower town, and it's a perfect place for shopping on a narrow cobblestone street with unique boutiques and galleries. The upper town lies on 100 meters high cliff, and it's home to the Citadel, the Plains of Abraham, Place d' Armes, and numerous historical gems. A funicular car allows for easy transportation to the upper town from the lower town. In addition to these historical sites, there are also unique shops and restaurants available for you.

old quebec town

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5. Whistler 

Whistler, Canada's most famous ski resort is lies at the bottom of two immense mountains, Whistler and Backcomb. When combining these impressive peaks, It makes the most extensive winter sports area in North America. Whistler is just a short trip from Vancouver by road or air. While the winter provides reliable snow for skiing, snowboarding, and nordic sport, it also has a popular summer destination with golf, mountain biking, and hiking. Festivals, spas, dining restaurants, and bars combine with those endless outdoor recreational opportunities make Whistler an unforgettable year-round destination and a perfect place to escape and unwind. The village gained international attention after it was qualified as one of the locations for the 2010 Winter Olympic games.

whistler sky resort in canada

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6. St.John's Signal Hill National Historic Site

Signal Hill, the most famous landmark of St.John, overlooks the city and sea. It was here, in 1901, that the first wireless transatlantic signal was received, and it played a huge role in the seven-year war with France. So today, Signal Hill is considered one of the national historic sites in Canada. The hill offers a fantastic coastal hike with breathtaking views overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The most prominent feature of Signal Hill is the Cabot tower built-in 1897 to commemorate the Four Hundred anniversary of discovering Newfoundland. It was the place where Guglielmo Marconi's first transatlantic radio signal reception took place. From the top, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city and the crystal clear blue ocean.

signal hill national historic site

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7. Ottawa's Parliament Hill

Ottawa's parliament hill, located on a 170 feet bluff overlooking the Ottawa river, is graced by the Neo-Gothic-style parliament building built in the last 19th century. The highlight is the peace tower that divides the house of commons and senate on either side. In front of the parliament building, there is a centennial flam erected to commemorate the centenary of the Canadian confederation, and behind the building is a pretty sculpture garden. If you plan your visit correctly, you might be able to attend a session of parliament. During the summer, the weather is most stunning, and the changing of guards takes place on the front lawn of the parliament house. At the foot of parliament hill, a lovely walking path runs alongside the Ottawa river.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa

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8. Old Montreal 

If you're looking for great shopping and fine dining in Canada, Old Montreal may be the best option that you have. It is a historic neighborhood located in the province of Quebec, Canada. The whole area is a maze of cobblestone streets which are filled with lively plazas, charming shops, and cafes. Notre-Dame Basilica, Gothic Revival church, and Pointe-à-Callière museum are some of the notable landmarks that you must see in Old Montreal. The old port of Montreal is lying along the St.Lawrence river, and it is home to the Montreal science center and the iconic clock tower with views from the top. Old Montreal is best to explore on foot.

old montreal canda

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9. Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill is famous as one of the most popular destinations in the world to spot Polar Bears. During the winter months, the Bears are feasting on Seals on the ice of Hudson Bay while they make their way to land in Sumner months. Prime spotting time occurs in October and November, and as the temperature drops, the Bears begin to move back to the bay's edge. There are so many options available for you to see Churchill's Polar Bears. Still, Tundra vehicles are the most recommended because they are specially designed to move safely over the uneven terrain of tundra and provide a safe way to see and photograph Polar Bears.

polar bears of churchill manitoba

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10. Vancouver Island 

Vancouver, a part of Columbia, is an island in the North-Eastern Pacific ocean. It is just two hours ferry ride from the mainland. With the combination of an old-growth forest of giant trees, snowcapped mountains, and untamed beaches, Vancouver creates one of the world's most diverse Eco-system and a Gulf island. Over one million visitors per year come and enjoy its breathtaking hiking trails and beautiful camping locations. If someone is looking for more comfort, there are also lodges and resorts available. In addition to its endless list of hiking, camping, and paddling adventure, the island offers ample opportunities to experience world-class whale watching, birding, fishing, etc. So Vancouver must be at the top of your bucket list of things to do in Canada.

vancouver island canada

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